Try Acupuncture To Get Rid Of Your Dog’s Pain

December 14, 2009

in Cat Health

Acupuncture is a method renowned for its healing effects. But did you know it works equally well on animals? Canine acupuncture is a common form of therapy used by many pet owners to help their dogs.

Acupuncture has been around for over thousands of years and is known to have originated in China. This form of therapy is implemented by inserting thin needles into identified acupuncture points in the body along pathways called meridians , to provide relief for several diseases. This is based on the theory that in order to heal, the energy in the body needs to be well-balanced.

If you are thinking about canine acupuncture for your dog,you should visit a canine acupuncturist, who would commence canine acupuncture treatment after carrying out a thorough check up. It is essential that you go to a canine acupuncturist who is licensed, so as to ensure safe treatment. It is best that you first take your dog to its regular doctor who will refer you to an acupuncturist. Several websites online also have lists of veterinarian acupuncturists.

As most patients find acupuncture therapy very relaxing, it is likely that you would find your dog fast asleep while undergoing canine acupuncture. Canine acupuncture not at all painful. Pet owners therefore need not worry about their dogs suffering while canine acupuncture is being done.

Canine acupuncture could handle other diseases such as arthritis, various allergies and problems with regard to fertility, to name a few. Canine acupuncture treatment does not last very long. It lasts a minimum of 10 minutes and a maximum of 30 minutes. Based on your dogs condition and other important matters regarding your dogs health, the number of sittings will be specified. Usually it would take around 5 sessions to cure the dog of its disorders. Not only does canine acupuncture help deal with physical disorders, but is guaranteed to help improve psychological and emotional disorders. What better way to keep your dog healthy!

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