Typical Allergies In Cats

October 25, 2010

in Cats

Common factors behind skin troubles in cats comprise ecological allergies, food allergies, and flea allergies.

Ecological Allergies

Like people, cats may develop allergies to weeds, mould spores, pollen, grasses, feathers, and maybe house dust. Environmental allergies (also known as atopy) are more established in dogs, nevertheless, cats might additionally be afflicted. Symptoms include:

* Itchy skin, which is indicated by extreme scratching, chewing, and maybe licking; Cat Skin Allergies.

* Baldness

* Patchy red spots on the skin

Diagnosis of ecological allergies is done through a technique of elimination. A veterinarian is going to confirm that those itching and different symptoms aren’t caused by fleas, lice, mites, yeast and even microbial infections, or food allergies. Once other probable problems have been eliminated, serum testing can be done in order to identify the environmental culprit.

Treatment for atopy varies according to the special allergy. Additionally to taking out and perhaps lowering the allergen in a home, this can involve:

* Applying medicated shampoos

* Giving antihistamines

* Hyposensitization (allergy shots), whereby that pet receives a series of injections of an allergen in tiny doses in order to cause the output of antibodies

* Getting your pet wear an Elizabethan collar to avoid scratching and biting; Allergies In Cats.

Meal Allergies

Lots of cats get allergic to particular foods, remarkably dairy products, beef, corn, wheat, soya, eggs, and chicken. The cat might develop allergies to foods that she previously tolerated, therefore lack of prior response to certain foods doesn’t rule them out as a source of new sensitivity symptoms. Food allergy symptoms in cats might include:

* Itchy skin and scratching, chewing, and maybe undue grooming, possibly even to the point of fur loss

* Red, crusty skin, notably around the face (this symptom may additionally be because of an allergy to plastic meal dishes, which is readily remedied by switching to steel and maybe ceramic dishes)

* In definite cases, gastrointestinal upsets such as diarrhea and perhaps vomiting

Curing typically involves incorporating a hypoallergenic meal to decide which ingredient is resulting in the trouble and to preclude forthcoming allergic symptoms. Hypoallergenic diets contain healthy elements such as duck, venison, and perhaps some types of fish , which aren’t commonly found in regular cat foods.

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