Uncontrollable Urinating And Your Dog

January 15, 2010

in Cats

There is a common problem among puppies or adult dogs that are submissive and it is spontaneous peeing when excited or scared. We are learning that these problems are easy to fix by following a few of the steps below. Remember to always be consistent when training or working with a dog to rid them of their bad habits.

After first taking your dog to the vet for a checkup to make sure there are not medical problems; then we know that your dog suffers from submissive/excitement issues. This is very common in puppies and very submissive adult dogs so don’t worry, it can be fixed. You will be surprised at how fast we can correct this behavior.

If you dog does not pee when you are in the dominant position like looking in its eyes or greeting it face to face, then it’s probably an excitement issue. However if your dog pee’s when it’s in trouble or when you are bending down to greet him in a dominant position, then of course it is submissive. Luckily, we can fix both of these problems.

As with children, dogs work well with praise. Teach your dog a couple of tricks like sitting, stay or roll over and then reward him for his success. With a submissive dog, approach at their level, pet under the chin not on the head and naturally, no yelling.

One thing to remember is that if they do have an accident, don’t respond to it, just wipe it up. However, when they do go in the appropriate place, you need to praise the dog for a good job. Repetition of this behavior will raise the dogs self confidence and slowly correct the problem of submissiveness.

Puppies are typically known for excitement peeing, especially during the first year. But older dogs are known for this as well. Excited to have visitors or the excitement of your arrival from work can trigger peeing. Just remember that there is no need to respond to the accident, just clean it up and praise the puppy when they are successful.

Many dogs can have this excitement peeing while playing. It’s always best to do the playing out in the yard where it won’t matter. Making sure that you are not encouraging rowdy behavior indoors can help you to keep the uncontrollable peeing in check.

High energy greetings upon arrival home can also set off the excitement peeing. If you arrive home and the dog is excited and jumping around, we suggest you ignore him until he calms down. Keeping the excitement to a minimum can help correct the peeing problem.

Don’t feel you are mistreating the dog, remember they are not humans. This can work to cure the excited peeing dog. Calm hello greetings when the dog is not excited, affirms the calm behavior, whereas the greeting when the dog is excited encourages the excited behavior, which makes perfect sense.

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