Urns for Pets Ashes and Cremation Urns

December 24, 2017

in Cat Health

When shopping for pet urns you will find a large selection online. Pet urns are made from many materials. Most urns are made from the following materials, stone, metal wood or ceramics or a combination of many materials.

It is not uncommon to see metal pet urns as a simple vase shape of figurine. Wood urns are often made of hardwoods such as walnut, oak or cherry wood but sometimes pine and these make a good cremation pet urn. Ceramic urns can come in a vase shape or as a figurine often in the shape of an animal.

When placing a pet urn outdoors you may want to consider a metal pet urn. Many will choose to place it near a tree or bury it and plant a tree or shrub near it. Some people will place the pet urn in the garden as part of an ornament or pet memorial.

When burying an urn you may consider wood. Wood urns are often placed on a mantle as part of a memorial along with other mementos. If you move frequently this may be a good alternative.

Most pet urns for ashes can be customized and be engraved with either a photo or memorial phrase or you pets name. This includes metal urns which may even have a place holder for a photo. The material you choose for a pet urn will depend on where you will be placing the it.

Depending on the material you use it can often be etched, engraved or laser engraved. Often a saying with you pets name is enough. Some will choose to have a picture of their pet engraved.

When shopping locally you will find your selection of pet urns for ashes often limited and costly. You may also consider pet memorials that will house mementos. Mementos could be photos, collars or a few favorite toys. When shopping online you will find more selection and cheaper prices.

If you have lost a cat, dog or some other pet you will find that shopping online is less overwhelming. Buying a pet urn is not that difficult on will save you time during your moment of loss.

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