Useful Info On Ear Mite Infections

August 3, 2010

in Cats

Pet owners are often overwhelmed at the numerous afflictions that can effect their cats or dogs. One of these issues is the extremely common development of ear mites. This is a completely normal problem that many cats or dogs will experience at least once over the course of their lifetime. All pet owners should familiarize themselves with this.

The issue of this mite infection is usually not very serious. However, neglecting treatment can cause extreme agitation to the pet, and can cause them to develop permanent ear damage. It is very normal for these parasites to infect the ears of cats and dogs. They live on a diet of ear tissue and blood from the host. Although they usually infest the ears, they can also live in the paws and other areas of the fur.

The symptoms of the problem are actually pretty standard and are easily identified. You will often find the pet shaking it’s head in irritation, and will scratch at their ears in an attempt to bring relief. Often, a dark wax or crusty discharge will be observed in the ears. There can also be scratching at other parts of the body, if the infestation has spread.

These symptoms are caused by the irritation and infestation of these parasitic mites. You should understand that they are extremely contagious and are very easily passed from host to host through simple, direct physical contact with a carrier. After being transferred, the mites will lay eggs. These eggs will hatch and will eventually become adults who can breed and exacerbate the problem.

Most treatment options for the issue come in the form of various types of medications. These will typically be drops or injections. Over-the-counter items can be used, but these will vary in effectiveness, often calling for repeated treatments. However, a veterinarian can prescribe more potent items that will cut down on treatment time, helping a pet owner to get the situation under control. It is important that all pet are treated at the same time in order to prevent a new cycle of infestation.

There are not many effective prevention options because of the ease at which this problem is spread. A good idea is to limit the amount of time your pet spends around strays or other animals who could potentially have the issue. Also, check frequently for signs of the problem, and clean the ears of the animal regularly.

Ear mites can become a very irritating problem for your pet. It is important that treatment begins immediately to prevent permanent ear damage. Rest assured that this problem is very normal, and typically, very treatable. It is a good idea to consult with a qualified vet who can recommend the best options for your particular situation.

The maddening tickle and itching symptoms of an ear mite in dogs can cause the animal to scratch constantly. Using ear mites spray provides quick relief.

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