Using A HEPA Air Purifier Even When It’s Not Allergy Season

October 21, 2010

in Cat Health

The spring is when my allergies have always hit me the hardest, but I think it’s important for everyone to realize that there are many common irritants in our homes all year, the winter is no exception. These cooler months may provide an even worse indoor environment that the warmer months.

As recognized by the EPA, indoor air quality is general significantly worse inside our homes than outside. One easy to understand reason for this is that most homes are essentially sealed boxes. While some fresh outside air makes it in some times, seldom does this happen in the winter.

When we think about heating our homes in the colder months, we often take into consideration areas where our expensive heat may leak out of the house. This shows how important having a sealed house is, which as I explained, adds to the air quality problem.

To add to the problem, both people and their pets spend significantly more time indoors when it is cold outside. This exposes us to the contaminants and allergens in our home for more time, pushing our bodies harder and harder to keep up with the onslaught.

Many millions of households own pets. As we all know, their hair and more importantly their dander, are very common allergens. By them spending most of the winter locked in the house with us, we are put into more contact with the allergens they release.

A few sources of air contamination many might not think to consider are fireplaces, furnaces, and gas stove burners. The use of all three of these goes up during the winter months, contributing to the air harmful particles resulting from combustion.

When air is cooler, it tends to be much drier. This results in our skin and the skin of our pets drying out. What’s important to realize is that these dead, exfoliate dead skin cells are very tiny and are the number one contributor to dust in a home.

By adding a humidifier equipped air purifier, it may be possible to reduce some of this problem. Adding moisture to the air in your home could keep your skin more moist and keep allergen levels down while potentially reducing the spread of viruses.

So while we seldom think about needing to purifier our air in the winter because our spring pollen allergy isn’t acting up, it is still something to strongly consider. While many contaminants may not cause an immediate, noticeable reaction, they could be slowly harming your health.

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