Using A Pet Gate Keeps Your Pets Safe

August 27, 2018

in Cats

We consider pets to be members of the family and we often treat them like children. Having pets in your life keeps your stress level lower and generally contributes positively to your mental health. Our pets give us their unconditional love and we love them back; and we should show this love by keeping our pets safe and secure. Part of caring for your pet?s safety is having a pet gate for your home.

There are those who will aver that their homes are pet-proofed and do not need a pet gate. If you fall into this group yourself, you may want to think of the following for a moment. Your home is safe from your perspective; but that?s not how your pet sees things. Your pet is something like a young child and you probably know how quickly a small child can get into trouble in any home!

Our cabinets can be full of hazards like toxic cleaning products, medications and small, easy to swallow items. Pets are curious and if the smell something interesting, they are likely to get a cabinet open to investigate. They may even trap themselves inside and be exposed to potentially harmful substances!

Even your toilet can be a hazard to your pet. We all know how dogs and cats will drink from the toilet, and if you use an automated cleaner, the chemicals can be toxic to your pet.

Some of the other dangers are the same as you?d keep in mind with a child; gas stoves, sharp objects and so on can all be dangerous to your pet.

Hence a pet gate is essential to keep your pet safe when you are not around even for a minute! With a pet gate you don?t have to go through the hassle of making your complete home pet safe.

However, when choosing a pet gate you need to take care. It should not flimsy gates or latches which can open by rattling the gate. Here are some things to consider while buying a pet gate:

* Your pet gate should be made of aluminum, solid steel, or heavy duty plastic.

* Your pet gate has to be very strong and not have gaps which your pet can stick their head through and become stuck.

* The bars may be either horizontal or vertical, but must not have gaps between the slats larger than 2.5 inches

* A complex latch mechanism which you can open but your pet will be unable to.

* There should not be any kind of plastic parts which can be broken easily by repeated banging.

A pet gate has to be made from strong material and built well to keep your pet safe. You can find a lot of different models which give your pet the security they need and you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your pet is safe and secure when you can?t be right there with them.

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