Using Pet Stairs Can Save Your Dog’s Joints!

July 23, 2009

in Cats

It’s always a great feeling to take in a puppy and teach it how to be a good dog. However, it isn’t only puppies who require training. Some dogs, whether adopted or found, will require some degree of training when they enter your house, even if just to get the dog used to your rules and expectations. It’s a great idea to utilize dog stairs into your training routine.

Small dogs only grow to a certain size. These little beauties have no way to climb on and off certain pieces of furniture such as the couch or bed. You may start at first by picking them up but the best way to handle their needs is to train them how to climb up and down the steps.

Small and large dog steps are available at some retailers, but there is a larger variety to choose from online. Not only can you choose the material of the steps, but you can also choose from different finishes and colors. Some even come with molding or hidden storage panels.

Many dogs are very smart and will only need to be shown a time or two how to ascend the stairs and then how to climb back down. Make sure that the steps are stationed where your dog will not climb to the top and fall off, i.e., not near a corner of the bed or armless sofa.

Keep the pet stairs free from objects that may cause the dog to trip such as toys and treats. Don’t rush your puppy or dog to climb down right away if they hesitate. Let them get comfortable with using the steps and before you know it, their training will be complete.

When you shop for your pet steps, the main thing to look for is a weight restriction/recommendation, as well as the height of the steps. You won’t want to get a set of stairs with tall steps if you have a short-legged dog.

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