Using Small Cat Food Tins for Deodorizing

October 15, 2009

in Cats

Using small cat food tins for deodorizing is a quick and easy craft project. The reuse of objects that would otherwise be garbage is considered thrifty fun by many people.

The first step to reusing cat food tins is to wash and dry them thoroughly. After the tins are completely dry, the cat owner may want to apply spray enamel as a quick way to color the inside and outside of the tins.

The cat owner may want to consider the colors of the room in which the decorated cat tin will be placed when deciding on how to decorate the cat food tin. Wrapping paper, wallpaper, or colored paper may be used to wrap or decoupage the tin.

The cat food tins can be personalized with numerous different types of craft supplies. After the cat food tins have been sprayed with enamel or covered with paper, craft supplies such as floral accents, foam letters, buttons, or scrapbooking supplies can be added to decorate the outside of the tin.

For areas that have strong odor, the person may want to put white vinegar in the cat food tin and place it in the area. Some cat owners use tins containing vinegar near the litter boxes.

Recycled cat food tins can hold cotton balls scented with perfume or pine cleaner. The cotton balls can also be scented with scented oils.

Using small cat food tins for deodorizing can be done by decorating the outside of the tins and filling them with potpourri. Potpourri may be made by adding a scent such as vanilla to pine cones or dried flower petals.

Recycled cat food tins can be used as holiday decor accents. Green or red spray enamel can be used for Christmas decor. These tins can hold seasonal potpourri or pine cones.

Coffee beans are an excellent filler for recycled tins for people who enjoy the scent of coffee. After the coffee scent is no longer noticeable, the cat owner can often reactivate the scent by stirring the coffee beans and squeezing some of the beans open.

Cat food tins can be recycled as candleholders with a little care. Nothing flammable can be used to decorate tins used as candleholders. The tins must be placed on a heat-proof surface since the can may heat up when the candle is burned.

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