Vitacoat Plus Stain Remover: Dog Fur Stain Removal Answer.

September 11, 2014

in Cats

Tear stain solution is easy for pedigree showdogs, but also for your average dog with Dr Golds stain remover.

Angeleyes clears up unsightly tear stains on white fur particularly which can be rather off-putting to look at.

So what are the reasons for streaming eyes in dogs?

It may be as a reaction to a minor bacterial infection in the tearduct or eye area. When these set in it’s very common for Red Yeast infections to follow which give your dog those brown stains round his eyes.

Excess tearing caused by low grade bacterial infections can be one, and if anyone has ever seen those reddish brown stains on a West Highland or other white dog’s face, they are caused by Red Yeast which will flourish in these damp, overtearing areas.

Changing your dog’s diet may solve the issue if food is the culprit. A water test can be done just by substituting normal water for filtered water and seeing whether there is an effect.

Obviously sometimes it’s not a big enough deal to warrant thorough investigation, and all you need is something just to do a quick wash and brush up.

If you are the owner of a white dog you will find this familiar territory, and Vitacoat can help.

Don’t just go for human soap to clean your dog’s face. If you must use a detergent use a dog shampoo and don’t get it into the eyes; you will still need to wash it off.

Sometimes water is not readily available so you need a better solution.

Not very practical if you are in a show or hiking twenty miles from the nearest bathroom.

So practical, so clean and so quick for cleaning up dirt and debris from that area.

Safe, effective and convenient, they can be used to gently remove dried mucus, discharge and tear stains from the eye area.

The benefits are multifold – cleaning the area will remove any stains for shows, it will reduce the chance of eye infection or could be used to clear debris away from the eye, and it’s a handy product to keep in your pack while hiking with your dog. Best of all it doesn’t require rinsing.

Available in packets of 100; the ingredients are: Deionized Water UV Sterilized, Cocamido Propyl Betaine, Propyl Paraben, Methyl Paraben and Boric Acid.

Be careful of course not to touch the actual eyeball with the wipe as this could irritate.

Another option especially for show dogs is Angeleyes.

For almost half a century show breeders have been swearing by Vitacoat Plus’s cleaning power.

All you need to do is soak a swab and use it to gently rub the fur. Clearquest is a quick solution for you dog to look his best.

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Hester January 17, 2010 at 9:34 am

I have a Blue Bi-color Tabby Persian and have a problem with his bib yellowing when he drinks water…… there something I can add in the water to prevent this from happening? I also only give him filtered water.

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