Water And Cats

November 9, 2010

in Cats

One of the biggest challenges for cat owners is getting your feline to drink enough. A drinking for felines should be strictly water. Human drinks like milk, coffee, tea and soda can actually make them sick.

When cats do not drink enough they can become dehydrated leading to urinary tract infections, kidney and bladder issues and causing severe issues that can shorten their lives.

Encouraging drinking can become frustrating to owners, but it need not be. There are very easy ways to get your cat to enjoy drinking. Here are only a few ideas that will have your cats lining up for water!

There are many types of pet fountains that are affordable on the market. Investing in one of these is a great idea. The flowing water and noise is irresistible to felines. We recommend spending a bit more for a ceramic or metal fountain.

Ditch plastic especially for drinking. Plastic bowls are notorious for leaching toxins, they can make water taste strange and they cause feline acne. Switch to glass, ceramic or stainless steel. Let kitty choose what she likes best.

My cat always runs to the sink if I am washing dishes or hands. Let your kitty drink from the running faucet for a few minutes.

In the summer adding ice cubes to the water makes for a great discovery. Cats love to hear the crackling noise and to bat the cubes around.

Place water bowls in various locations throughout the house. Sometimes cats simply do not like the placement or are uncomfortable with noises or distractions in certain areas of the house.

Clean bowls daily. Bacteria can build up quickly and cause illness.

Cats love soupy wet food. Add more water to the wet stuff!

Most importantly, if you feel your cat’s water intake has changed or diminished, get kitty to the vet for a check up. Cats are notorious for hiding illness. Change in behavior is a key to catching an issue early.

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