Ways To Cure Mange With A Non Toxic Mange Medicine

March 8, 2010

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Finding a cure for mange with non-toxic mange medicine can sometimes seem to be an impossible task. This disease, caused by mite infestation, is first noticed on dogs when they start scratching intensely and hair starts falling out. It can also be found in some other animals as well as humans. In humans it is called Demodicosis which is not difficult to cure as mites find it difficult to remain on the human body.

There are different, specific types of mange mites. The Red Mange Mites, Demodectic Mange Mites (which infect cats) and Scarcopic Mange Mites. The latter type is the most infectious. The severity of the infection in dogs is usually shown by loss of hair in a small patch of skin or on the majority parts of the body.

The mange areas can become crusty and even bleed if the animal continues scratching. It’s obvious that some treatment program must be put in place if a life threatening condition is to be prevented. Veterinary care can be very expensive when the condition reaches this stage.

A Mitaban Dip has been approved by the FDA for treatment of mange. This comes in a concentrated form, which is mixed with warm water and then applied, to the animal. This is usually administered by a veterinarian but can be done by a pet owner. It is unfortunate, however, that it has been found that this can be toxic to some animals and require further medication to offset the side effects.

If home medication and treatment does not bring about a cure, the condition can become life threatening. In this case a veterinarian must be called. Antibiotics, Amitraz Dips and other oral medications might be required. Again, there is no assurance that some dogs might not react favorable to this treatment as each one is different.

Records show that the oldest known and very effective, treatment for this disease is dipping. When treating the animal in this manner usually an anti-bacterial or anti-itch shampoo proceeds the dipping. Dipping takes some time and effort but a check of the Internet will find peoples’ testimonials of various home methods that worked when all else failed.

People have written many of these testimonials claiming that the combination of borax, peroxide and warm water have worked in curing mange. In these cases, they used the dip method and left the product on the animal until the next shampoo. There are also many other mange products commercially advertised on the Internet. It’s always a good idea to talk to someone before trying any unusual treatment for something as serious mange.

Seeing a pet suffer is one of the most difficult times in a person’s life. When it has a disease, such as mange, it is apparent that they are in utter misery. One wishes to bring about a cure but, at the same time, does not wish to initiate treatment that will cause even more problems. That is why it is important to cure mange with a non toxic mange medicine.

Mange is a very nasty illness and is usually found in canines but, on occasion, it has also been found in humans. Cure Mange now with our inside scoop on Mange Medicine .

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