What Are Rendering Plants and How Do They Affect Your Cats’ Food?

May 26, 2014

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There are several hundred Rendering Plants across the U.S. They quietly dispose of millions of tons of dead animals, meat waste and fat.

What is commonly found in rendering plants?

It’s not uncommon, in a rendering plant, to find such dead animals as; skunks, snakes, opossums, cat, dogs, circus animals, raccoons, horses and foxes. In addition, the Rendering Plants also transforms billions of pounds of decaying flesh and kitchen grease, from mainly fast food restaurants, into billions of pounds of commercial meat and bone meal, tallow and yellow grease and much of it ends up in commercial pet foods.

Rendering Plants claim that by removing dead, decaying animals from our streets, they are doing a public service and not doing it for profits. If that were true, why would the Rendering Plants sell their products to dogs and cat food companies?

A look inside a rendering plant

Inside a Rendering Plant, there is a large vat used to cook this mixture of flesh and grease and that creates heat to the tune of about 90% inside the plant. There are piles of animals awaiting their turn to be added to the vat. The piles of skunks, rats, cattle, sheep, pigs, dogs, cats, raccoons and various other animals seem to take on a life of their own as maggots swarm all over the piles.

As workers operating mini dozers load the animals into a 10-foot-deep stainless steel pit also known as a vat, a giant auger-grinder begins to turn. The sounds of popping bone, squeezing flesh and the final cries can be heard.

During this process, a soup produces a fat of yellow grease or tallow that rises to the top and is skimmed off. The product is then sent to a hammer mill press which squeezes out the remaining moisture and pulverizes the product into a gritty powder. Shaker screens sift out excess hair and large bones. All that is left is yellow grease, meat and bone meal.

Every day, hundreds of Rendering Plants across the U.S. truck millions of tons of this “food enhancer” to poultry ranches, cattle feed-lots, dairy and hog farms, fish feed plants and pet food manufacturers where it is mixed with other ingredients to feed the billions of animals that meat-eating humans, in turn, will eat.

How can your pets possibly be benefiting from these products

When you see ingredients on your pet food products labeled as; meat meal, meat by-products, poultry by-products, fish meal, fish oil, yellow grease, tallow, beef fat and chicken fat, now you know their origin. They all are produced at Rendering Plants.

There are additional ingredients, other than the aforementioned, added to pet foods and they include; flea collars from dogs, cats and other pets, Dursban from cattle insecticide patches, euthanized drugs used to put down pets and pharmaceutical leaks from antibiotics in livestock.

Heavy metals from pet ID tags, surgical pins and needles as well as plastic wrap from supermarket rejected meat, chicken and fish. According to Rendering Plant officials, it’s not economically feasible to have someone at the Rendering Plants to remove the ID tags, Styrofoam trays and shrink wrap. So they all go into the mix that becomes part of your pet food.

It’s fair to say that without Rendering Plants, our cities would run the risk of becoming filled with diseased and rotting carcasses. Fatal viruses and bacteria would spread through the population but it’s not safe for pet food manufacturers to use products produced at Rendering Plants.

Rendering plants produce products that are toxic to our pets. Cats and dogs are part of the raw material that Rendering Plants use to produce their toxic concoction and the drug Sodium Phenobarbital used to euthanize cats and dogs is not destroyed in the rendering process. Therefore this drug is part our of our pets foods.

All we as pet owners want is food for our pets that is nutritional, wholesome, and free of harmful ingredients. Time and time again the pet food companies have proven that they simply just will not deliver.

We as pet owners continue to buy their products even though it has been proven that they produce pet foods that are killing our pets. Why as pet owners do we refuse to invest time to discover what really goes into a bag of pet food?

The pet food companies hope that we remain ignorant to the fact that we are buying a product that is sentencing our pets to a premature death. Our failure to learn just what is inside the foods that we feed our pets is what the commercial pet food companies prey on. We spend billions of dollars yearly on food that is sending our pets to a premature grave. If this is you, for the sake of your pet’s life this must stop.

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