What Are The Different Types Of Dog Mange?

March 28, 2010

in Cats

How Cure Mange With Non Toxic Mange Medicines is not as difficult as you might imagine. Mange is really easily identifiable, which is your first step to treating it. It is a really contagious skin and hair condition that goes through animals, mostly cats and dogs. A mange sufferer will have balding, hairless patches that may be inflamed and itchy.

Mange comes in two forms, the first being demodicosis. It is the better one of the two, since it happens only to dogs and is the less severe. If a dog is sick, old, a young puppy, or badly treated, this is when it becomes susceptible to this kind of mange. It is because the immune system has become so weakened that the dog cannot fight off the mites that burrow under its skin. If your dog has a stressful or uncomfortable life without affection, shelter, or good food, you need to change this all at once.

This is why mange is typically associated with poorly treated and shabby looking mutts. The mange is a symptom of a poor quality of life, not the actual problem. The only exception is that many puppies get mange, only because they are weak. A good shampoo and added care to the dog (or growing strength to the puppy) will be enough to cure it.

Shampoos are non-toxic and kill only the mites. They have the dual purpose of killing mites and soothing the dog’s skin to heal and stop itching. If the mange is really aggressive, an antibiotic may be necessary to completely rid the dog of all complications. One type of medication that should be avoided is Ivermectins, which has had a lot of health risks in the past.

Sarcoptic mange is the other type, which is far more severe because the mites burrow far into the skin. It affects more types of animals than just dogs and is just as contagious. Most animals who get this type of mange also get an infection due to the high amount of scratching. These are twice as itchy types of mites.

The safest way to treat the dog is to start giving it a better home life, completely isolate it from other animals, clean anything it comes in touch with with the same vigour as you would for head lice, and give it special sulfurated lime rinses. This is probably the only really effective treatment that is also safe. There are other options, but they are either unlicensed or just barely licensed to use.

The other options open to you are the dangerous ones. Some medications are incompatible with some breeds of dog and can therefore kill them. There is a huge flaw in some mite medication, causing severe issues with the brain and doing great damage to your pet. There are a lot of medicines in circulation that are not fully tested or licensed.

Have enough tests done so you can know what type of mange the dog has. Learn how severe it is. There is no sense in wasting your money if a dog does not need both a shampoo and an antibiotic. Get only what you need and do not over-medicate your animal.

Get the best cure mange offer that is non-toxic to use. Get out more about Sarcoptic mange and how you can get rid of it. Jump online today for that healthy pet!

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