What Good Pet Parents Must Do For Their Feline

March 16, 2019

in Cats

Responsible pet owners want to make sure that their cat is provided with all of their basic needs. This will let them to have longer and healthier lives. These needs include a safe environment, good nutrition, and regular health care.

Begin by making sure that your feline is in an area that is risk-free. The only way to really do this is to keep them indoors at all times. Outdoor cats have a much shorter life expectancy. Risks that they confront include stray pets, cars, wild animals, and poison. By keeping them inside they will be safe from all of these risks.

The next thing that your pet will want is a healthy diet. Since cats are obligate carnivores, they require meat to survive. This is the only way for them to get the essential amino acids that they require. You’ll wish to search for a food source that has the correct calories, nutrients, proteins, and minerals. In addition to getting dry and wet food for your pet, you can supplement their diet with raw meat.

What you don’t want them to do, however, is eat too much. Obesity is an issue that affects many domestic felines. This can lead to severe health issues like diabetes and osteoarthritis. To keep them from overeating, don’t keep a constant food source out for them. You’ll also want to make sure they are getting all of the nourishment they need without having to gorge on calories. Don’t purchase food that is made of mostly filler. You’ll also want to find a brand that is low in fiber and has a low pH level.

Although you want to moderate how much food they get, you want to make sure they are drinking as much water as they want. Felines on a wet food diet won’t need as much H2O because of the high water content of their food. But they will still need a separate bowl with fresh water. If you notice your cat drinking less than average, you might want to make an appointment with your vet.

Some people wonder if a vegetarian diet will be safe for cats. At this time, the answer is no. That is because vegetarian foods don’t supply the amino acids that are needed for optimal health. This includes things such as arginine, which prevents ammonia from reaching toxic levels. It also includes taurine. A deficiency of this can cause blindness, cogenital defects, deafness, and a weakened immune system.

Health care is the other basic need that your kitty will require. Get them the vaccines that they need when they need them. Get them standard check ups. You’ll need to give them something to prevent fleas and ticks.

In addition to meeting the basic needs, the best pet owners will play with their cats on a frequent basis and give them the love that they require. This will ensure that they are happy and healthy.

While inside pets will always be the safest, there are ways to allow your feline to enjoy the outside without being in danger. To do this, you will need to get outdoor cat enclosures. There are several brands and models available.

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