What If Your Dog Was Suffering From An Ear Mite Infection Or Perhaps A Flea Infestation?

October 15, 2010

in Cat Health

Or moreover being a dog owner can you differentiate between the two disorders?

Ear mites in dogs may be contagious between animals – your pet dog may pass them to your feline and vice versa.

The more common types of ear mites in dogs is Otodectes cynotis; however, all types of mites are treated in the same manner.

If you notice that your dog is itching his ears continuously or perhaps is tossing or shaking his / her head, it usually indicates some problem with the ear.

You will need to look at the inside of your dog’s ear close up.

When the ear mites are fairly new and the infestation isn’t yet that severe, you possibly will not notice much of anything, but you will need to take remember that your dog will not be itching and scratching its ears for absolutely no reason therefore look closer, and monitor the situation.

You do not have to concern yourself with “catching” mites from your dog; they most definitely do not transmit from animals to humans.

On the other hand, if you see or see what appears like coffee grounds inside your dog’s ear, this is a sign of a serious infection of ear mites in dogs. These “coffee grounds” are bits of dried out blood that has piled up inside of the ear.

It is necessary not just to recognize these types of symptoms, but additionally to treat them as soon as you notice there’s an infestation.

Failure to treat and eradicate ear mites can lead to much more serious concerns such as long term damage to your dog’s ear canal and ear drum, and could even lead to a loss in hearing.

Once you have determined your dog does have mites, you ought to examine your pet from head to tail. Mites can live anywhere in your dog’s body, not just his ears, and thus when you start treating the mites, you will need to make sure that you destroy them all.

The most typical treatment for ear mites is by using a medication that contains insecticide, most often pyrethrin.

It’s a waste of time to utilize any treatment that does not contain an insecticide, because it will likely be ineffective.

Essentially it is a medicated shampoo that will get rid of the problem in a short time.

Thus bringing the dog back to health swiftly.

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