What Is A Cat Food Recall?

July 30, 2009

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A cat food recall indicates that the cat food poses a health risk due to a problem with the contents of the cat food. In some cases, cat food is recalled before reports of cat illness from the cat food. Sometimes, the cat food recall is in response to the illness or even death of cats that ate the cat food. During a cat food recall, the cat food is removed from the retailers shelves and customers are asked to return the food for a refund.

There was a cat food recall in recent years involving cat food and other animal feed that contained wheat gluten that was tainted with melamine. The wheat gluten was imported from China and used by at least one pet food manufacturer. Melamine is used in the production of plastics, filters, tiles, and many other products.

After some cat illness and death was attributed to the melamine-tainted cat food, a cat food recall was issued. The people who were determined to be responsible for the presence of melamine in the animal feed were indicted.

In addition to contaminating wheat gluten, some rice gluten imported from China has also been found to be contaminated with melamine. The tainted rice gluten causes many cat food recalls in 2007.

Cat food recalls that are voluntary are by the choice of the cat food manufacturer. In those cases, the problem with the cat food is minor and does not have a significant risk cat health.

A recent cat food recall is a voluntary recall of NUTRO Natural Choice Complete Care dry cat foods with best if used by dates of May 12, 2010 and August 22, 2010. The recall is due to an imbalance of the amounts of potassium and zinc. No cat illnesses due to this cat food have been reported.

When a cat food manufacturer makes a new cat food, it is not required to get approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) unless it contains certain ingredients that require testing by the FDA. Colorings and additives must be deemed safe by the FDA.

Consumers can find information about cat food recalls from the website for the FDA. The cat food recall is often announced in the television and online news media. The retailers have information on cat food recalls.

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