What Is A Painless Technique To Treat Ear Mites At Home?

April 25, 2010

in Cats

There is an easy way to treat ear mites without having to take your pet to the veterinary office. Mites can cause a lot of damage to your pet’s ears if they are left untreated. Using mineral oil to destroy these mites is a simple process that you can do at home.

When your dog or cat’s ears are inflamed, swollen or reddened they probably have mites. These parasites can cause the middle ear to become infected, which will make it hard for your pet to keep its balance. Often, they will not be able to walk or when they try to walk, it will be in continuous circles. Another sign that your pet may have mites is if they are constantly scratching at their ears or continuous shaking their head.

There is a relatively easy way to treat this condition without having to take your sick pet to the veterinarian. You can confirm that your pet has the parasites by looking inside the infected area for blood or puss. The animal may also be showing signs of a fever or a lethargic attitude. Once you have determined that they are present, you can use mineral oil to kill them.

Mineral oil is good for your pet’s ears because it will loosen earwax and the blood and puss that have built up because of the parasites. This will clear the plugged ear and help them regain their balance. The oil also smothers mites. The easiest way to apply the mineral oil is with an eyedropper.

Massage the ear after applying the oil. Gently grab their ear, place your thumb inside the ear and with your other fingers hold the outside of the animal’s ear. Rub the inside of the cat or dog’s ear to spread the oil. Do not go so deep into the ear that you hurt the inner ear. Let the thumb go down into their ear until you feel the inner ear, make sure the mineral oil has spread into their ear canal.

Once the oil has been thoroughly massaged into the ear, allow your cat or dog to shake it out. You may want to attempt this process outside so your furniture or carpet will not be stained with mineral oil and the blood and pus that were lodged inside. When you pet is done shaking out the oil you may still see deposits inside the ear. Wipe the excess away with a cotton ball; do not attempt to use a Q-tip as you may cause damage if you go too deep.

If you still see ear mites 6 or 7 days after the treatment then you will have to take your cat or dog to the vet. It may be a more serious problem than you thought. The vet will probably do another treatment and send you home with a prescription ointment. Mineral oil is very effective in killing mites, so you probably will not need to make that trip to see your pet’s doctor.

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