What Is Best For Dogs With Mange Is Dog Mange Medicine With Itch Relief

March 30, 2010

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If your dog has mange it is best to get dog mange medicine with itch relief. When your pet is in pain and discomfort so are you. Dog mange will cause itching that is literally unbearable. The fur will become thin or bald in places and the skin will become red. If it progresses the dog and cause itself real damage and infection can occur.

There are two types of mange, sarcoptic mange and demodectic mange. The term mange refers to the appearance of the dogs coat. It looks mangy or patchy because of fur loss. Mange is caused by mites that are parasites that get under the skin causing itching and inflammation. The skin becomes crusted and scabbed.

The sarcoptic mange is also called scabies. These mites have a round shape to them. They bore deep tunnels into the skin. The affected areas are usually the ears, the belly and the elbows. Your dog will scratch at their ears with their hind leg almost involuntarily. These mites cause the itching and hair loss.

The dog can literally mutilate its skin due to the severity of the itching. The skin will have crusted dry lesions. There will be scabs where the fur is missing. It can get this severe when it is misdiagnosed. This mite will not be found under a microscope with the usual tests.

This type of mange is contagious. There is a pus that drains from open areas. When people or other animals get that pus on their own skin they will have mites burrowing into their skin. Yes people can get this particular mite also. If you and you pet are itching get to the vet right away.

Demodectic mange is less severe than sarcoptic mange. It is easy to diagnose. A skin scraping is done and the mites can be seen under a microscope. Dedomex or cheyletiella is caused by mites as well but does not cause the same damage to the skin. These mites have and elongated shape and also burrow under the skin. This mange is usually visible on young puppies on the forelegs and face. In older dogs it affects the feet.

The dogs that get mange are usually the ones that have a weak immune system. So the very young and the old or sick dogs are the ones most likely to be affected. Since mange can’t be diagnosed by sight you must take your dog to the vet. The veterinarian will take the necessary tests to rule out other skin conditions that can look similar.

When your dog is affected what they will need most is dog mange medicine with itch relief. The itching can lead to other skin damage and infections so that must be addressed first. When the mange is in specific areas a shampoo and lotion for mange is fine. For cases where the mange is spread baths and dips are given by the vet. This may have to be done for 2-3 months to see a cure. Since a cure is not always 100% possible it is best to keep your dog on a healthy diet, make sure it has all it shots, and makes its scheduled doctors visits. All these things will help your dog keep a strong healthy immune system.

Did you know that mange spray is one of the best mange medicine that can help your pet soon. You will see your dog mange free fast and without trouble of other medicines that can be harmful.

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