What Is Cat Furniture And Why Is It Good

January 23, 2010

in Cats

You can finally rid yourself of scratches from your cats upon the furniture in your home by buying cat furniture. Cat furniture is the general term for any of the cat scratcher, cat tree, cat tower or any similar feline oriented furniture you may come across. This furniture, made especially to a feline’s specification can finally put an end to the scratches and claw marks upon the furniture in your household.

You may have met people or maybe even yourself had tried to remove the claws altogether, if you haven’t yet, I would strongly advise you against it. Cats still continue to scratch whether there are claws or not and usually bleed when they don’t have claws. The scratching habit is completely instinctual in all feline animals across the world.

There are threefold results of scratching from a cat, firstly, the scratches act as the visual standard of a feline animal, secondly there are specific scent glands in any cats paws, these glands leave phenomenon’s on the scratch which other cats can smell and thirdly, the scratching not only helps stretch the muscles and ligaments but also removes any dead cells from the claw sheaths.

The best possible solution to passively save your furniture from all those scratch marks would thereby be buying the cat its very own cat furniture, being specifically designed to withstand any scratching and clawing, it wont give away easily. Also the fact that scratching on this cat scratcher gives the cat more relaxation which means that cats will not scratch your furniture anymore.

When finally choosing what kind of cat furniture to buy for your pet, there are a number of things people usually get confused of the structural material, the scratch able material and the furniture type.

The choice in the structural material may also pose a bit problematic, there are various different options like particle board, cardboard, solid wood or plywood, though people usually believe that no material is stronger than solid wood, they are mistaken. A quarter of an inch thick cardboard, when formed in walls of a tower is almost as strong as well as very much lighter than a solid cylinder of wood.

The stretchable material also provides a number of functions to a potential consumer, if what you seek is furniture that matches your households overall color theme, you could go for the usual, carpet. However if longevity as well as reliance is your requirement, you might want to consider the latest acrylic based material more commonly known as a fake fur. Fake or faux fur however does limit your color choice to some extent; usually available in a limited neutral color collection of your choice.

Last but not the least, decide what exactly kind of cat furniture would your feline family member be most comfortable with. You could either get a simple cat scratcher, or if your cats are of the playful sort get a cat tree for them, though considering their weights and quantities as well as their activity types, you would have to decide what structural implements your cat tree should include.

Make your cat comfortable by getting cat furniture. With cat perches and so much more for you to choose from. Head online today and find out more.

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