What Kind Of Cat Furniture Does Your Cat Need?

January 12, 2010

in Cats

If you have a cat, you have one of the most popular pets there are anywhere. Many people own cats and the industry for cat accessories is huge. Some of the accessories that you may be interested in for you cat is cat furniture.

What exactly is cat furniture and why does a cat need furniture anyway? There are a lot of people probably wondering this, especially if they are not cat owners. If you do own a cat, then you know very well that giving your cat his own place to climb and scratch is the best way to keep him happy and off the people furniture.

One interesting piece of cat furniture is called a cat tree. This is meant a lot for climbing and scratching. These trees come in an assortment of designs and colors with many different kinds of toys and places for a cat to perch and rest. A cat tree is meant to give your cat hours of feline enjoyment.

If you would like to give your cat a little more in a piece of cat furniture than just a playground, then you need to look at some cat condos. These are actual playgrounds and houses together. Your cat will have carpet covered boxes to hide in and sleep. Some of these are up high so that no one will bother your sleeping cat. These are the greatest additions to your home for your cat. You can also have many colors and styles to choose from in condos as well.

No cat is happy if he has to stay indoors all the time without having a spot in front of a window to call his very own. This is the ideal past time for a cat and a window perch makes that time of enjoyment for you cat more comfortable. You can get a variety of different kinds of window seat for your cat as well.

One of the best things you could do for your cat, especially if he is an indoor cat, is to give him outdoor time. If you are worried about vat going out alone, then you need a piece of cat furniture that is built inside of a large cage. This is an outdoor cat tree and is usually covered in an indoor and outdoor carpet. Your cat will be able to spend time outside without being bothered by the neighbor’s dog. A cat will be much healthier if time outside is provided on a regular basis.

You can build your own furniture for your cat if you would like. You could have a great time doing it and you will be able to save a lot of money. By building your on cat tree or condo, you will be able to customize all the little things for your cat that you know he will enjoy immensely.

Every cat deserves some neat toys and furniture to keep them busy, exercising and playing. These kinds of things will ensure that your house and furniture won’t be the target of your kitty’s claws and it is fun to watch them play on the furniture. You could always add some extras like catnip to the cubby holes or kitty treats on the top perch.

Even when a cat gets on in years, you will still be able to watch him play, provided that you have the right cat toys and the right cat furniture for example cat perches .

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