What Natural Mange Treatment For Dogs And Cats Can I Make?

March 17, 2010

in Cats

Mange is caused by infestation of mites. And it’s nothing like simple flea infestation, as they dig beneath your pet’s skin and live there. It’s important to control its spreading and treat it, as it can be life-threatening. The following are some common home-made mange treatment for dogs and cats.

Mix 1-2 tablespoons of borax to 500 ml of water, with a few drops of hydrogen peroxide. Apply this mixture thoroughly all over you pet’s body to keep mites from proliferating. However, do not towel dry your dog or cat; simply leave it on until it dries naturally. Do this about once a week.

When giving your pet a bath, use warm water and soap. This is great for controlling mange, as well as keeping your pet clean. For better results, you may bathe them daily, or even twice everyday. If you intend to use a dog’s or cat’s shampoo, go for something which contains lavender or almond oil.

Slice a lemon and place them in a boiling cup of water. Remember to include the peel as well. Let it steep overnight, then apply on affected skin areas using a sponge or cotton ball. You may also use honey to achieve the same effect. However, use a local or pure one, and not the type you usually find at grocery stores.

You can also make topical remedies for mange out of things that may already be in your kitchen. Cooking oil is great for killing mites. It also softens the wax-like deposits on your pet’s skin, and soothes itchiness and irritation. The acidophilus in yogurt can also do wonders. However, stick to unflavored or unsweetened yogurt variety. Affected skin is prone to infections. For this, the antibacterial properties of garlic oil mixed with water will help keep infection at bay.

But before problems arise, it’s best to perform some preventive measures early on. This way, intensive mange treatment for dogs and cats won’t have to be necessary. You must know that even healthy ones already got some mites in them. However, their numbers may go out of control, and that’s when it becomes a problem.

Even if you regularly give your pet a bath, it’s no use if the areas they frequent already got mites. That’s why it’s also important to regularly wash or clean their beddings. The same is true with areas in and around the home where they frequently stay. Using water and soap for cleaning is good enough to minimize risk for infestation.

A weak immune system and poor nutritional intake are some causes of mange. Ask your trusted vet on which food is best for your dog or cat. You might try adding chopped green and leafy vegetables to their regular food to boost its nutritional contents. A teaspoon of fish oil or echinacea tea will help in improving the natural immunity of your pet.

Home-made mange treatment for dogs and cats are best backed up with a vet’s check up. As soon as the early signs of mite infestation show up, take your pet to the veterinary clinic. With regular supervision, your dog or cat will be back in the pink of health.

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