What To Do If Your Drains Get Blocked

September 6, 2009

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Drains are no different from most things in life- they need periodic maintenance to keep working properly. We all take them for granted and as long as everything is working well there is nothing to worry about. The enemies of good drainage are grease, silt, hair, slime and just about anything else that you can imagine that shouldn’t go down a pipe

If the drain or sewer itself is damaged, problems naturally occur. Tree roots can be a major problem, planting a tree too near a drain is a problem waiting to happen. Drains can be broken by other means- for example, ground movement. Earth and soil can and do move all the time. The sheer weight and forces that are exerted on a pipe will eventually break it, the result, blockage

Drains and sewers in the past were made from iron and other metals that corrode. Obviously, over time they will corrode and the result is often that the drain collapses in on itself. A sign to watch out for is the slowing down and reduced efficiency of the drain. If this happens, you have a problem on the way and need to act quickly

Prevention is usually better that cure. Preventing blockages in the first place is clearly better than having to deal with a problem. Make sure that long hair is not allowed to go down the plug- I know it’s not nice, but it’s better than having a blocked, smelly drain to deal with. Grease or fat from cooking, stray vegetables, particularly peas, and other foods are all better off being composted, rather than put down the drain

Of course you probably wouldn’t be reading this if you had taken the precautions. If your drains are blocked, you need to sort it out. You can do this yourself by buying a set of drainage rods and poking away until the blockage is removed. The problem is that in the wrong hands, you can actually do a lot more damage than you thought possible by adopting this approach. Blocked pipes can often be made worse by just using force- call in a professional- it’s easier in the long run

Jetting (using water under high pressure) can be used to unblock some drains. This is a job best left to the professionals. Please avoid the temptation to have a go at this with the pressure washer- you could seriously harm yourself as well as damaging the drains. Please call in someone professional- it will save money in the long run

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