What To Do To Make Traveling With Your Pet A Breeze

April 14, 2010

in Cat Health

When you decide to go travelling do you plan to take your pets with you? This can be a hassle free time if you just take the time to follow a few guidelines!

Medication for your pet can be a worry when you decide to go travelling, but if you make sure that you have enough medication for the duration of your stay then you should be okay. Carry your veterinarian’s number with you in case of any emergency, or in case you need another prescription is also another good idea.

If you are planning on booking somewhere in advance, always ensure that they allow pets on the premises; you would not want to turn up only to find out that pets are not allowed.

Dogs should always carry two tags with them. There should be a current rabies tag and a personal ID tag, and on the ID tag it should have your dog’s name as well as your name, address and contact numbers.

You could opt for your pet to be micro chipped; this is a very good source of identification. Likewise if you have a cell phone with you, make sure that your cell phone number is on the dog’s tag, just in case it gets lost on your journey.

Some of your pets own belongings could be brought on the journey; this will make them a little more comfortable on the drive, and this in turn will make it a more enjoyable journey.

There are always plenty of highway stops for you to take a breather; this also allows your pet to take in a little exercise as well as having a toilet break. This little rest may make your pet more comfortable for the rest of the journey.

Make sure that you comply with all the regulations and clean up after your pets.

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