What Would Be The Best Way To Get Rid Of Ear Mites

August 1, 2010

in Cats

When you see your pet scratching his or her ears until they bleed, then you can bet you are dealing the ear mites. These are mites that affect the ear canal and cause an animal to literally go crazy with itching and burning inside the affected ear. What can you do if an animal has these mites inside the ears?

Never treat any ear troubles your pet might be having at home without first consulting the veterinarian. Some times, yeast infections can cause itchy ears as well. If you used the drops meant for ear mites into a dogs ear that are infected with yeast, you could make it a lot worse. Always make sure you have instructions and medication from your vet for any condition you are finishing up treatment for at home.

Do not worry so much about you or your family getting the mites from a pet. It has been very rarely ever reported that a human gets the ear mite that infests in a cat or dogs ears. These mites usually stay inside the pets ear and do their dirty work there, literally.The otodectes cynotis mites generally keeps to the ear areas of your pet.

You should also be concerned about any damage that has occurred to outer flesh of ears from scratching. These areas can become infected quickly and then your pet will have bigger problems. Make sure to use an antibiotic ointment recommended by the vet in the treatment of these areas. You may also ask the vet about using an Elizabethan collar to prevent further damage from scratching.

If your pet already has sores and torn area around the ears from scratching, make sure to keep these areas clean and topical antibiotic ointment from your vet ion them. This will be a treatment used in conjunction with the Elizabethan collar. Many times, the ear will look as though they have been shredded. This is evidence of how bad the mites can cause itching and irritation.

One part of the treatment for ear mites is cleaning out the debris left behind form the mites. There will be a thick and waxy black substance that is actually the feces of the mite and ear wax together. This is one reason pets experiences such horrible itchy ears as well. Make sure to clean this out of the outer ear each time you apply treatment. The first initial cleaning should be performed by a licensed professional.

Making sure you take care of ear mites in your pets ears could save their sense of hearing. Many dogs and cats have suffered not only hearing loss, but end up with severely deformed ear due to infestations of these mites. Always take the best care of your pet with regular trips to the vet to help in preventing this sort of infestation from occurring.

If your pet has nasty ear mites, then this is annoying to the pet and cause them to scratch their ears until they are bloody. You definitely need a home remedy for ear mites and we want to help you out.

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