What You Need to Know About Pet Doors

May 5, 2009

in Cats

Although we love our pets dearly, sometimes it can be bothersome to have to let them out and then back in. At some point you would have been annoyed of frustrated with your pet because you have just sat down and got comfortable and your pet is at your feet wanting to go out. The solution to these problems is simple – a pet door.

A pet door is a flap that allows easy access for pets to come and go as they please. With pet safe dog doors, your pet can easily come in and out of the house without ever bothering you. The pet dog door gives your dog some sort of independence, and buys you some time to attend to other concerns. Aside from the convenience it offers, you’ll also be saving your walls, doors, floor and furniture from further scratches, accidents and other damages caused by unwanted animal behavior. Also, since your pets will now have more access outdoors, they will be able to get more exercise when they desire, allowing them to be healthier while making them more relaxed when inside the house.

Most pet safe dog doors have a single flap or door hinged at the top that swings freely when pushed. The flap may be made of heavy black rubber that simply falls back into place once the pet passes through, or rigid plastic with a magnetic catch. Presently, the variety of pet dog doors and dealers are almost more than one can imagine; you have an almost unlimited variety and options to consider before making a purchase.

The other variety comes in way of magnetic pet dog doors, which can detect the matching magnet on the collar of the pet. So, entry of intruders and unwelcome pets from outside is restricted.

There are also electronic pet doors that are the best to use because they can only be operated through an infrared signal triggered by the collar worn by the pet. These pet doors use a programmed code, which is specifically made only for your pet’s collar and the pet door. With such pet doors, you can be assured that unwanted guests can never enter your home, and that all your belongings – including your dog – are always safe and secure.

Many renters are hesitant about installing a pet door for fear of upsetting the homeowners. Now, there is a solution for that, patio pet doors, pet doors for screen, pet doors for cats, pet doors for sliding glass, etc. These structures are intended to be installed in existing doors or sliding glass patio doors so that there is no need to make holes in walls or wooden entrance doors. The original door can be replaced when it is no longer needed.

When installing a pet door, you should keep in mind that the size of the door should be in accordance with the measurements of your pet and you should always add a few inches in the actual dimensions to make it easy for your pet to use. Aide from the pet measurements, you also need to determine the thickness of the door or wall frame where your pet door will be attached. Once you have installed your pet door, you will need to encourage your pet to actually use it. Be patient, stand the other side with a treat and gently encourage your pet come through the door.

A pet door provides many benefits that you and your pet are sure to appreciate. These doors for pets are synonymous with convenience, safety, protection, and privacy for the pet as well his owner. Your beloved pooch or feline would be very happy with a door to call his own.

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