What You Will Need When Getting A Cat

November 1, 2010

in Cat Health

Cats make awesome pets and they are so cute and adorable. They take some responsibility to take care of, but they are relatively easy pets to have. Cats have the personality of what would be considered like one that a three year old child has, and they are very affectionate and loyal.

Right before bringing the cat home, make sure you have a food and water dish as well as a litter box. Also, make a space for the litter box that is in a quiet and dark place. Laundry rooms are the easiest and most popular choices.

Additionally, the litter box needs to be scooped at least once a week, sometimes even once a day, depending on how many cats you have. A little air freshener is a good thing to have on hand, just in case an odor gets out of control.

Train your cat where to eat by putting the food dish where you want it and then showing the cat where it is. The cats will pick up on that really fast.

Find a place in the house where the cat can quietly eat (because they’re shy), and then show them where it is. Too many people and distractions will make the cat not want to eat.

Cats need interaction, and spending time with the pet will form bonds and make it easy to train. They like to play hunt for things in the house. Spending time with the cat will help you to train it not to do things like scratch the couch or rip up plants. It also gets the cat used to the routine of the home.

Protect the cat and other pets in the house by keeping them away from each other. The last thing a bird needs is a cat trying to eat it. The same goes for fish. Make sure there is a special lid on the fish tank to keep the cat out.

Don’t forget about any necessary procedures to prevent reproduction. Cats in general are capable of giving birth at less than a year old, so you’ll need to take action early to prevent any unplanned births, unless you want more kitties at home!

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