Why Invest In Cat Furniture

January 20, 2010

in Cats

Cat furniture, the commodity so commonly know with so many other different names like cat climbers, cat gyms or cat scratchers, is what you invest in your feline family members. There are numerous similar commodities out there specifically designed to fulfill the cat’s instinctual desire to scratch. This furniture is made so that even the cats of any household can have a private place of their own where they can play or relax at their leisure.

To be able to make an educated decision about which cat furniture to buy, it is necessary you knew the basics about why and how cats actually scratch. Cats scratch woodwork, or thread work in any given place to actually mark their territory, the habit is completely instinctual which means that they will do so even if they are the sole feline members in any household. Its not just cats, but lions and even tigers scratch on nearby to demarcate their territory.

There are threefold results of scratching from a cat, firstly, the scratches act as the visual standard of a feline animal, secondly there are specific scent glands in any cats paws, these glands leave phenomenon’s on the scratch which other cats can smell and thirdly, the scratching not only helps stretch the muscles and ligaments but also removes any dead cells from the claw sheaths.

Cat furniture has been around for quite a length of time, though in the past, the furniture was covered in carpet for cats to scratch, scientists have now invented a new material commonly known as faux or fake fur.

For the structure of kitty furniture, the most commonly used materials used are card board and solid wood cylinders. Though general perception suggests that cardboard may not prove as effective as a structural material, they grossly underestimate cardboard.

although of course a normal cardboard sheet may not be able to withstand the same weight a wooden column would, a cardboard cylinder with the cardboard thickness around a quarter of an inch will easily withstand load that a wooden column would, plus it is a lot lighter, thereby reducing any transportation costs.

While looking for a cat tree, bear in mind the weight as well as quantity of cats in your home, you would want to buy a floor-to-ceiling tower instead of a freestanding structure if you have either very playful, very fat or plenty of cats. A ceiling tree would not only be based on the ground but also be connected to the ceiling in some manner to provide better structural integrity as well as better balance.

To summarize the article, if you wish to buy a cat scratcher or cat furniture, you should first decide upon a few things like the structural material and design, the graphic covering upon the structure as well as the color theme you could wish in your furniture, remember that cats are almost as much part of your family as anyone else and deserve any attention you pay them.

Make your cat comfortable by getting cat furniture. With cat perches and so much more for you to choose from. Head online today and find out more.

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