Why Should You be Concerned With What Your Cat Eats

October 1, 2013

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There are no legal or scientific definitions for such terms as; super premium, premium, natural and quality but these are terms used by the commercial cat food companies. The source of the ingredients are vital. Cats are carnivores and their diet should be meat-based.

Have you attempted several ways to get your cat to lose weight but none have worked?

It is a foregone conclusion that you are feeding your cat too much and you’re feeding him/her the wrong type of food. You are probably feeding your cat too many snacks coupled with little or no exercise. Why do you think that cats need snacks? Perhaps you are confusing what humans eat with what cats should eat. Just like some humans eat too many carbohydrate loaded snacks and become obese, the same thing happens to cats every day. Obesity spells danger for humans as well as cats. For the life of your cat, it’s imperative that you change your cat’s diet right away to avoid serious and costly illnesses.

Do you know what to change your cat’s diet too?

We should be reasonable when addressing this situation. Let’s consider our domestic cats’ origin. The wild cats of Africa is where our domestic cats descended. Thanks to Mother Nature, cats thrive in a desert climate.

There is not much water in a desert. Therefore, cats naturally have a low thirst drive. Additionally, cats are carnivores but not just carnivores but rather obligate carnivores – meaning that they have to eat meat. They derive their needed nutrients from raw meats. Not many plants are indigenous to a desert environment.

A cat’s digestive system was designed by Mother Nature to efficiently digest meat, bones and most bacteria. A digestive system is acidic and short and is perfect for digseting a cat’s natural diet. Fruits, vegetables and other plant foods are not part of a cat’s evolutionary process and should not be fed to them.

It’s not uncommon, in the desert, to witness cats enjoying a meal of prey that’s been dead for awhile and swarming with parasites

The organ meats, of their prey, provide moisture. Their prey’s stomach content, provide seeds, wild grasses, berries and various nuts. Their prey’s bones serve as tooth brushes for cats.

A cat’s prolong intake of dry food will cause dehydration because the dry food will absorb the cat’s moisture from within and that will lead to other problems such as; diabetes, urinary track problems, a weaken immune system and death.

Why would commercial cat food companies produce such non-beneficial cat foods?

Grains are less expensive than meat and to the dry foods, they add harmful preservatives. This is deadly for cats but high profits for the commercial cat food companies.

The commercial cat food companies claim their foods are wholesome, all natural, well-balanced and nutritious. However, their claims cannot be supported by science or common sense.

What should you feed your cats?

You should feed your cats a diet that closely mimics the diet of their predecessors. A raw meat diet with a little taurine sprinkled on top. Avoid feeding your cat(s) dry foods or any commercial food with any of their first five ingredients listed as a carbohydrate.

Keep in mind that cats are not humans. Their dietary requirements are much different from humans. Show them the love that they show you and feed them a diet that’s beneficial and not one that greatly reduces their longevity. Then you will have your cat by your side for many years to come.

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