Why Tea Cup Persian Cats Are So Popular

October 24, 2009

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It is quite unusual to hear the term tea cup cats when someone talks about it and you dont know what it means. You may be aware of miniature cats in the market but tea cup cats are supposed to be something different.

Teacup Persian cats are miniature cats but they differ with regards to some very specific characteristics. A normal female cat weighs somewhere between eleven to fourteen pounds and a male cat can go up to seventeen.

On the other hand a teacup Persian cat starts weighing in at the meager three pound mark and stays below eight at the maximum. If you have these weight markings in mind then you will instantly be able to gauge whether the cat being offered in the market is an actual teacup Persian cat.

Buying a teacup cat needs you to know certain details like this otherwise you might fall into the trap that is set by some unscrupulous cat breeders. The cheats in the business often attempt to sell any Persian cat that is less than ten pounds as a teacup cat whereas in reality such a cat is actually to be counted amongst the common Persians. Hence be informed that just because a Persian cat weighs less than ten pounds doesnt make it a teacup cat.

Many people find the teacup Persian cat variety to be very appealing. As it is Persian cats are considered to be extremely cute and cuddly making them an excellent choice for a home pet.

The tea cup cats can be very demanding as far as love and care is concerned due to their small size and delicate nature. And the cat owners are more than prepared to shower their attention on them.

One often wonders that where the tea cup variety comes from. Actually the cats are not commonly produced but is bred by a procedure called inbreeding. In this the breeders mate two types of cats from different breeds which are smallest in size. This process goes on for a couple of times till the correct cat size of the cat and weight is acquired.

The complete process of cutting down the size has a relation to the Japanese art of dwarfism of a tree. A similar process is used to dwarf the cats size. When we take the case of tea cup Persian cats however there are two methods involved in the procedure of dwarfism.

One of these ways is known as achondroplasia. This is the process in which the leading gene grows while mutating. As a result it has an effect on the hormonal balance in the cats body. This balance then controls the bone growth resulting in smaller overall bone structures. Although there are many different breeds of teacup cats the Persian is by far the most popular teacup cat in the world.

Persian cats come in many different categories including red persian cats. If you woudl like to read more articles on tea cup variety persians please follow the links herein.

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