Why Won’t My Dog Sleep During The Night

January 2, 2010

in Cats

Dogs are people too! We have heard that before and you might not realize how true it can be. As a new dog owner, you might need to know that you have to do more then feed, water and pet the dog.

A lot of new dog owners complain about their puppies or dog keeping them awake at night. As puppies they are so cute and we make the mistake of letting them sleep in our beds. Then as they get older, they either become too big or they just become bed hogs.

As we try and eliminate the problem of loosing our bed to the new dog, we are faced with another issue. The dog is not sleeping at night and spends it’s time roaming around whining, barking and keeping everyone awake. Everyone is crabby and the house is up in roars.

Sometimes these dogs that bark continuously when they are not with you are suffering from separation anxiety. One easy solution is to put the dog’s bed in the room with you or a family member. Moving the dog’s bed or crate into a room where he is sleeping with a family member should fix the problem.

Many dog trainers are big fans of crating your dog. From the get go, keeping your dog in a crate for sleeping or when you are away will give them a sense of security. Don’t feel bad when you crate your dog, you are really doing them a favor.

Try getting a friend for you dog. Doing a good thing by adopting an abandoned pet and providing your pup with a buddy can help relive anxieties when you leave. The dogs will play and tire themselves out which will help with nighttime sleeping.

Having a dog that is anxious and needy can also mean that they are not getting enough exercise. Exercising dogs, especially the hyper dog, is critical to a good night’s sleep. Work your dog’s exercise regime in with yours for a happier, tired dog.

As pet owners we need to be responsible for taking out dogs out for walks. Just because there is a yard for them to run free does not mean they are getting exercise. Running with your dogs or playing with them in a park or the yard is a good way to get them tired enough to sleep at night!

Younger more active dogs are in definite need of exercising. As dogs get older, they will slow down but you still need to take them out for walks and socialization. Being a responsible pet owner will provide your dog with a happy and healthy life and afford you a good night’s sleep!

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