Wireless Fence – Invisible, Effective, And Humane

June 17, 2010

in Cats

There are several different varieties of wireless fence for worried pet owners to choose from, though the layout of your yard will have a lot to do with what is available to you. The fence provides an invisible barrier for your dog or cat that keeps them well within their bounds and safely on your property without worrying about them wandering out into the street. They are relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to the cost of a traditional fence, and are nearly one-hundred percent reliable when it comes to keeping your pet where it belongs.

These fences are very easy to install and require no hours of labor over hammering and setting up large stakes like your standard fence styles. Installation of the wireless dog fence is simple; a cable is buried beneath the ground in the formation of the perimeter that you want to set for your pet. The wire works with a radio signal which is relayed to a collar that is worn around the pet’s neck. When the pet gets near this buried wire, the collar will first emit a warning signal that is activated by the buried wire. The pet will back away from the wire’s location or if the dog ignores the signal he will receive a very mild shock of electricity. There are also types of wireless fence kits that feature wireless installation.

The first type of wireless fence is actually fairly high tech. These use GPS systems to locate the “fence” as opposed to you having to lay the wire, so there is no installation on your part. This type of wireless fence system works well for most pet owners and has the added flexibility of not having to physically move the fence in order to change the location of the boundary. This type of fencing system uses the collar much like any other type of wireless or underground fence, and the shock settings are adjustable as well — which may need to be done for larger dogs.

Another benefit to this type of fence is the fact that it does not impede your children’s ability to come and go freely. Since the current only goes through the collar, your family can safely go in and out at will with your pet remaining safe at home.

The freedom benefit for the human members of your home is naturally a plus, and to some the sight of a regular fence is unsightly. There are a lot of misconceptions about these fences, especially by those who believe that they hurt the animals they affect. The truth is that as long as the shock is set appropriately, these fences are completely humane. They even prove to be more safe overall because pets can not jump over or go under the fence border.

In most cases, if a dog crosses the boundary one time – that is all that it takes to keep him from wandering away again – which makes the system very effective.

There are several misconceptions surrounding the wireless pet fence. Find out the real pros and cons before writing off these effective and humane safety tools.

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