You Could Be Abusing Your Cat And Not Know It

September 1, 2013

in Cats

Do you do it out of ignorance?

I urge you read this article even if it upsets you because the life of your cat hangs in the balance.

The first thing you must understand is that the physiology of cats is very different from humans. Humans are omnivores – meaning that our bodies are well designed to digest fruits, vegetables and meats. Our bodies have long digestive systems therefore our bodies can extract nutrients from fruits, vegetables and meats and benefit from them.

Cats are obligate carnivores their bodies have a short, acidic digestive tract. Their bodies are well suited for digesting raw meat but they have difficulty digesting fruits, vegetables and processed carbohydrates. Prolong use of fruits, vegetables and processed carbohydrates will cause your cat to develop food related illnesses such as; diabetes and irritable bowel disease also known as IBD.

Commercial cat food companies are well aware that convenience and low prices are good selling points and they capitalize on this by producing ads that make you believe their foods are beneficial to your cats. So you purchase their foods that are chocked full of harmful ingredients and over time, these foods cause your cat to suffer from a premature death.

When you enter a supermarket or other places that sell cat food and you see bags of cat food with fruits and vegetables on them, this gives you the false impression that since fruits and vegetables are good for humans, then they must be good for your cat. But this is a wrong and dangerous belief.

A human needs fruit and vegetables to live a healthy and quality life. If you take away his fruits and vegetables and force him to survive on meat and processed carbohydrates, soon you would witness deterioration in his health. This type of a diet would wreak havoc on his digestive system. When you feed your cat commercial dry food, this is exactly what you are doing to your cat and it will lead to costly Vet bills and even a premature death.

You do the exact same thing to your cat, an obligate carnivore, when you feed him/her foods their bodies were never designed to digest. Feeding those fruits, vegetables and processed carbohydrates is wrecking havoc on their digestive system and as a result, they are dying prematurely.

It doesn’t matter what the commercial cat food companies say, the bottom line is that you are responsible for your cat’s nutritional needs. In order to do that, you must arm yourself with the facts.

The commercial cat food companies that are part of a mostly unregulated industry produce cheap, toxic foods for your cat and make claims that the food is good and nutritional. They make those claims to convince you to buy their products. You believe their claims without researching them to uncover the truth. You do this out of love for your cat but this belief can cause your cat a premature death.

Do you really know what goes into a bag of dry cat food? Your cat could be a cannibal without you knowing it. Yes, dead dogs and cats have been known to find their way into pet foods. It is not uncommon for pet food companies to use the four D’s (dead, dying, diseased, disabled) animals.

When you see ingredients listed on a bag of cat food such as meat meal, animal digest, animal bi-product or meat by-product their origin may include road-kill (dead animals found on the side of the roadways), dying circus animals and farm animals that are too diseased for human consumption and euthanized animals from Veterinarian clinics.

It’s as if the commercial cat food companies thought that the aforementioned toxic ingredients are not enough because to exacerbate the situation, they add known toxic preservatives.

Ethoxyquin, BHA and BHT all have been linked to kidney and liver failure in cats are used to extend the shelf life of their foods.

Do you believe that cat food can sit in a hot warehouse for twelve to eighteen months and still be considered nutritional?

Always keep in mind that your cats are carnivores – they need meat to thrive. Don’t just assume what all the commercial cat food companies say is true. Take control of your cats’ diet and this will enable them to avoid premature deaths.

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