You Will Train Kitty! There Are Loads Best Steps For Toilet Training Kittens

November 29, 2009

in Cats

If you have just got a new kitten or cat then you will know just how important it is that they get house-trained. If they leave litter around the house it can be a big problem. The smells and stains are not welcome and it can become a health hazard. To undertake the process of toilet training cats is not one that can be achieved overnight, it requires a lot of resilience and effort.

To begin with you are going to have to get your new pet to use a litter tray. This should be a comfortable size for them so that they can turn around easily. You need to buy a litter product that absorbs the smell and is easy to clean. The tray needs to be put in an area of the house which is not difficult for the cat to reach as well as being out of the way and private. Do not keep it in the same location as the cat’s food or where they sleep, also keep in mind the smells it may give off.

Once they are familiar with using the litter tray you can start to train them to use the actual toilet. This can take a fair degree of effort but is achievable with almost any cat. It is much easier done if you have a spare toilet which is designated for the cat to use.

Only after the cat has got used to the litter tray should you start to move it. At first you can bring it closer to the bathroom and then eventually inside. It may help to show the cut where the tray has gone. The next step will involve you raising the level of the tray. You can do this with old newspapers or strong cardboard boxes. Eventually you need to get it to the same height as the toiler seat and also move it into an adjacent position.

To make the cat now switch over requires the use of a litter pan. This should be connected to the underside of the toilet seat; into this you need to place litter from the tray. If you do not plan to use this bathroom yourself then you can leave both the tray and litter pan together for a few days until removing the tray.

The final stage of the training is when you remove the pan completely from the toilet. This can be traumatic for the cat at first as the sight of a long drop filled with water can cause trepidation. You may have to give them a helping hand and encouragement.

It is possible to train a cat of any age to use a toilet but the younger they are the easier it will be. Remember that if you have a kitten it may be too small to safely use a toilet.

Remember that cats are territorial, they are likely to only use that one toilet in your home and not every bathroom that you have. is a great resource for training your feline friend(s) – we offer loads of great info on Toilet Training Cats and much more =>

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