Your Cat At The Groomer

May 23, 2018

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You probably already know that cats can bathe themselves by using their tongues to lick their fur clean, but sometimes this type of cleaning just isn’t sufficient to work out the mats and tangles that can get into cats’ hair. This is especially true for long hair cats, even for those cats that are brushed every single day by their owners. Groomers aren’t only for cats that are entered into cat shows. Many cat owners send their cats to the groomers once in a while in order to get a bath and to get their fur conditioned to keep it in its best shape it can be.

Most groomers will bathe the cat and add some form of conditioner. But there are many other services a groomer will do. Many groomers offer haircuts for cats. Some will do an overall trim, while others do fancy cuts. Your cat can look like a lion, or, **cough** a poodle.

Sending your cat to the groomer may be a great time for kitty’s nails to be trimmed. Some groomers will even add polish to the claw with bows in the fur of matching colors.

Needless to say, most cats do not enjoy this process whatsoever and will put up a fight every step of the way. After all, cats aren’t really sure what is happening when a groomer starts coming at them with water and soap, and so it’s only natural that the cats would react with fear and sometimes even with aggression.

Finding a groomer that has extensive experience with cats is important. Grooming a cat is very different from grooming a dog. A groomer inexperienced with cats can make the visit into a disaster. Groomers used to cats will have the right temperament and be gentle with the cat, while at the same time knowing how to safely restrain kitty while she is being shampooed and getting her manicure.

After the visit is over, you may be excited, but your cat may be wishing to hide out for a bit. That’s OK. Recognize that your cat has had a somewhat traumatic experience.

Do all cats need to go to a professional groomer? No, not at all. Most cats are quite self sufficient in the art of keeping themselves clean and beautiful. If you do decide to take your cat to be groomed, be prepared that it may cost a bit and have some extra delicious treats for her in order to get back in her good favor again.

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