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May 8, 2009

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There is no point in waiting till next February to begin with cat teeth care, as it is your primary duty to care for your cat oral hygiene. In case you are wondering out of 12 months why is February mentioned, it is because two august bodies, The United States American Veterinarian Medicine Association or the AVMA and the United States American Veterinary oral Society or the AVDS, have decided to do something special during this calendar month.

February, which is known as the calendar month of love, would now be cat dental Health calendar month, where ignorant pet owners would be taught the art and science of taking care of dental needs of your cat. It is because these two reputed groups know how serious it is to take good care of the oral needs of your pets. Their ardent desire is to dedicate a month in the year for the dental care of your cat, whichever the pet may be.

Did you know that about 85 percent of the old pets have oral diseases? Did you also know that this is one of the most everyday causes of health related problems with cats and if you didn’t pay any attention to those periodontal diseases, more troubles may surface? In case such problems are missed it is likely that the dangerous oral bacteria from the cavities would gradually invade the blood also. As a result, this will infect other major organs that will cause more complications that may lead to your pet’s death.

How to Care for the Teeth

cat teeth need to be cleaned everyday, and you have to take this as your obligation. This tough assignment might need help from other household members as they open the cats mouth while you do the cleaning. Your feline friend may not like the procedure at first but it is for their own good.

For this reason, you both need to get accustomed with it and you can try toothpaste that has a fish flavor for the experience to be more fun for your cat. It makes sense to be in regular touch with your veterinarian regarding oral care of your pets. Aside from this, you have to check on your cat’s teeth as well as the gums every day to see if they are clean and if you want, you can also floss your cat’s teeth.

You have already supplied a lot for your cat, so don’t let it all go to waste. The sooner you begin taking care of cat teeth the better, since this would help prevent potential complications as the cat grows older. If you have experienced toothache you can only imagine how a dependent cat can cope with it.

If you will not do something about it soon, your cats will be prone to ailments like in the heart, even their lungs and liver, as well as the kidneys. Be mindful about cat teeth care and just following the above mentioned simple rules will keep your cats smiling all the way into adult age. When you take good medical care of your pets, you are letting them enjoy life as they age.

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