Your Maine Coon Cat and You

February 17, 2019

in Cats

When you are a pet owner it is usual to talk with other pet owners about training. You might want to train your pet to do various things and act in certain ways, but when you have a Maine Coon cat things are different. It’s all about training yourself, and not necessarily your cat.

The first thing you’ll notice is that your maine takes careful note of your sleeping habits, when you go to bed and when you wake up, and if you try to deviate from these times your cat just will not put up with it. You will be told in no uncertain terms what you’re sleeping and waking times are and you must keep to these times or else…

You will soon discover that your Maine is a creature of habit and that he likes his breakfast and lunch and dinner at the same time each day, and you can be sure that he knows exactly where the food cupboard is. It will soon become clear to you that the best thing to do is to keep to a set schedule and stick with it day by day.

You will very soon discover that your Maine Coon cat is very particular in his habit of checking out on everything that you are supposed to be doing. This means in effect he keeps his eye on you just to make sure that you are attending to every detail both inside and outside the house. Visitors will be checked out to make sure that they are suitable friends for you, and all the other little details of everyday life will be carefully monitored.

You will need to develop the habit of going on regular walks with your cat but please make sure that you know how to use the lease and harness correctly so that you can have an enjoyable and safe walk.

We have spoken a bit about training and a lot of the training will have to be made up as you go along. For instance, you will soon discover that you must not allow easy access to things like toilet paper otherwise you may discover you have toilet paper all around the house! There are a number of rules to follow and you will have to learn them.

Space is something that is vital for your Maine Coon cat. Whether you’re sitting down relaxing in front of the television or whether you’re attending to some household chore your Maine Coon will want to be with you and so you must ensure that there is sufficient space for him or her to join you. You just need to remember that although you may think you own a Maine Coon, they actually own you!

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