You’ve Heard of a Dog Door, What About a Cat Door

September 6, 2015

in Cats

It may be surprising to know all the uses you could put a dog door to, even if you don’t have dogs. If you have a pet cat, the dog door can also be used by that. This is also convenient if you have a small dog or a pup – so the same sized door can be used by both. Usually owners install dog doors for dogs but rarely bother to do the same for cats.

Cats are usually looked at as house pets, or to be precise, lazy house pets that would rather not go out. However, getting your cat to do some exercise is a good idea as most have a tendency to grow fat and lazy very quickly. At such times having a cat door to shoo it out of the house and letting it in when it wants can be a great idea. And if your cat is the outdoor type, it will definitely appreciate the quick access to safety when it gets into trouble.

Dog doors for cats can be replaced by a think film of vinyl or strong plastic that is easy for the cat to push its way through. Cats generally tend to use their claws on anything that might seem like a deterring factor, so it is best to have a flap on the door which will open easily even without any pawing. Otherwise you might find the lovely finish of thermo vinyl or aluminum badly scratched! Another mistake is installing wire mead or a net of any sort. Cats can very easily tear through most.

Dog doors for cats are useful in another way as well. Cats are known to go to extreme lengths to get things they want. A cat wanting to get out of the house will resort to extreme measures in the absence of a dog or cat door. This includes jumping on the kitchen counter or even jumping onto the coffee table in a bid to get to the window. All this jumping and the resulting destruction of (often expensive) property can be put to an end with a cat door.

Dog doors for cats can be installed on all the doors of the house, not just the front or main door. This allows your cat access to all the rooms so it can roam about freely. If you want to keep the cat out of a particular room for some time, just lock the cat door. Dog doors for cats come with a variety of locking systems and you will definitely find one to suit your purpose.

A house is quite large and a cat quite small. Therefore it is quite easy for it to get lost in one of the rooms. Consequently, you might find the idea of having cat doors all over the house a little unnerving. However, the idea is to give your pet freedom. Cats are inquisitive creatures and like to snoop around. Keep them cooped up in a room and they will soon become lazy, fat and very boring. A cat that can roam about the house is far more interesting. If you’re worried about losing it, tie a little bell around its neck. That way you’ll here your cat every time it runs through a cat door.

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