Zap Cat Urine Odor for Good

September 30, 2009

in Cats

Many people all over the world own cats. Unfortunately, one of the most hated odors of all time is cat urine odor. If you own a cat then you know that smell and fear it.

Even the best behaved cat may try to mark his territory by peeing on a rug, chair, clothing etc. Afterwards it seems like nothing gets rid of the residual smell.

This article examines some simple ways to clear the air.

Cleaning Fabric Surfaces:

Once you find a urine stain, it is important not to rub it. You will need to absorb any remaining urine by placing a towel on the stain and press to pull up any liquids. Keep doing this until you have eliminated every last drop of wetness (if possible).

Next, rinse your spot with warm (not hot) water. After this, keep pressing with a towel to remove the excess dampness again.

The last step is to use either a hydrogen peroxide solution or good old fashioned vinegar and water. I use 1: 1 ratio for the vinegar and water and it works well. The vinegar works to neutralize the odor so kitty will not keep going back to that spot.

If you use the peroxide, pour some on a rag or cloth and blot over the stained area. Then, take a new cloth to draw up any remaining peroxide out of the fabric. As always, do be sure to test the solutions out on a hidden part of your fabric to make sure they will not ruin them.

When using the vinegar, you can put it in a sturdy spray bottle and spray evenly on the surface. Put a towel over the area and apply pressure to remove excess vinegar. Leave this on overnight and vacuum in the morning.

If you have a surface stain you can apply baking soda to the area to remove traces of the cat urine odor. This option will only work with surfaces and not deep fabrics. Let the baking soda sit over the surface through the night and vacuum or sweep up in the am.

If desired you can repeat except use a damp cloth to really rub the baking soda into fabric. Once it is dry, vacuum up!

Rugs :

You can use the same cloth procedure for rugs as well. If you still think that there is a left over odor, then get a steam cleaner to zap it up for good.

Alternatively go to a pet store and get a product that has odor enzymes to break down and neutralize it.

What about Floors?

If you have other types of flooring that can handle bleach, it works very well to get rid of those nasty smells. Just spritz it on and mop it off!

How does your Litter Box Look?

One of the best ways to keep cat urine odor away in the first place is to make sure his litter box is A+ clean. Remember, your cat likes cleanliness too! If it is not up to his standards then he will go somewhere else!

If you happen to find another urine stain, clean it up immediately. If not, your cat will come back to that spot repeatedly because of the lingering odor.

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