Zymox For Dogs: The Remedy For Dog Ear Mite Infestation.

January 12, 2015

in Cats

Ear mite infections are a big problem for both cats and dogs, and Otic HC is the most popular remedy.

You will probably know if your pet has ear mite problems by the behavior he or she displays.

The following are sure signs that your pet is suffering from an ear mite infection; continual scratching around the ears, head shaking, restless behavior, some brown material present in the ears, a bad smell and your pet yelping if you touch the ears.

So who are these tiny pests, the ear mites? They are minute parasites that live in the lining of the ear canal.

Feeding on blood, they bite through the lining of the ear, which creates swelling and discomfort for your animal.

If you don’t treat an ear mite infection, secondary problems may set in, including yeast or bacterial infections, sores, blood clots, and surgery.

In the worst case scenario, an untreated ear mite problem may result in loss of hearing.

One ear mite infection will lead to another if you have multiple pets, as they transfer from one host to another.

Remember this if your pet is in contact with others, for example at playtime, in a kennel or if there are multiple pets in your family.

So if you have more than one animal it is wise to treat them all as if they had an ear mite infection.

Although both dogs and cats may contract ear mites, you should take special car if you are the proud owner of a spaniel as their glorious long haired long ears are especially attractive to ear mites.

Ear mite treatments are available over the counter. Clean ears are a must so try PNP Healthy Ears Ear Cleanser for Dogs to get rid of any discharge or dirt in the ear.

Clean ears are less susceptible to infection and the specially designed applicator makes this product simple to apply. You can use it on an ongoing basis and it is especially recommended for after swims.

Another ear cleaner option is Lambert Kay Ear Rite Insecticidal Ear Wash.

Ideal for cleaning the outer surfaces of the ear, it makes your dog’s ears less hospitable for opportunistic infections. For dry ears, ClearQuest Ear Powder comes strongly recommended.

It is suitable for both dogs and cats and helps to control odor and keep ears dry and therefore more resistant to yeast infections.

If you are looking for a clean and easy way to do the job of keeping your pet’s ears clean, consider ClearQuest Ear Wipes.

Formulated with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal components, infections are kept at bay. They come in a convenient container which means clean and easy storage and no waste.

Dr Golds Extra Gentle Ear Therapy for dogs and cats is another option to clean your pet’s ears quickly, cleanly and effectively.

Because it’s made with tea tree oil and witch hazel, you can rest assured you are cleaning your pet’s ear with a product that contains natural ingredients.

If you want to bring in something stronger, reach for Zymox Pet.

This is a good solution for mite problems as it contains an active but natural ingredient which kills mites. Because of its effective nature, breeders and show people swear by it.

Zymox is a strong solution to an ear mite infection. It is used in cases where the animal has severe inflammation of the external ear due to ear mite, yeast and bacterial infections.

Seven days of treatment should resolve a nasty case of ear mites, but double it for repeated ear mite issues.

Use Zymox For Cats to keep your pet’s ears clean and mite free.

Keep your eyes open for the first signs of ear mites and deal with the infection before it becomes a problem.

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