Broadsword Announces New Innovative CMMI? One-stop Learning Experience

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Broadsword announces an innovative new CMMI? Four-Pack Upgrade training system to provide a one-stop learning experience for CMMI V2.0. The system offers the most in-depth understanding of the all-new CMMI V2.0 and how to use this knowledge to improve business performance.

Waterford, MI – Broadsword, a leading Process Innovation firm that provides organizational performance solutions based on CMMI and Agile continues to innovate with their “CMMI Four-Pack” training system.

The Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)? V2.0 is the industry standard performance model for software and IT services organizations seeking enterprise process improvement. The training system will provide the most in-depth understanding of the all-new CMMI V2.0 and how to use this knowledge to improve business performance.

“There’s nothing like this type of learning experience in the industry. It’s a total immersion in CMMI, a week filled with games, lectures, videos, and discussions about performance, architecture, CMMI, and Agile,” said Jeff Dalton, Broadsword President and Chief Instructor. “Students seeking to lead their organizations to higher performance, or those wanting to achieve professional career growth and advancement, this training is for you!”

The CMMI Four-Pack is an all-inclusive learning system where attendees will experience end-to-end coverage with modules in CMMI Development, CMMI Services, Agile, and a CMMI V1.3 Upgrade and Test Preparation boot camp. As new Certified CMMI Associate, attendees will emerge with 100 percent of the knowledge they need to become effective change agents within their organization. Attendees will also have the opportunity to sit in for the CMMI Associate exam on the last day of class.

The next public offering of the CMMI Four-Pack is February 10-14, 2020 in Fairfax, VA. Registration can be made online with limited availability.

This isn’t the first time Broadsword has introduced groundbreaking innovations. During their 20 year history of delivering CMMI-based Appraisal, training, and consulting solutions they have introduced “AgileSCAMPI,” an iterative and incremental framework for easing the burden of CMMI Appraisals, “AgileCMMI,” a methodology for continuous and iterative performance improvement based on Scrum and CMMI, and the “CMMI+Scrum Learning Experience,” a game-based experiential class for CMMI professionals seeking more agility.

Private delivery of the CMMI Four Pack, as well as other CMMI and Agile Training, appraisal, and consulting offerings, can be provided upon request. Learn more at


Broadsword is a Process Innovation firm that has been delivering model based consulting, training, and appraisals since 2005. They are a CMMI Institute Partner and an AgileCxO Transformation partner, and are the world-leader in delivering practical and integrated CMMI and Agile solutions that help their clients improve performance. Broadsword’s President Jeff Dalton is a regular conference speaker, author and podcaster in the Agile and CMMI industries. His new book Great Big Agile: an OS for Agile Leaders is available at book sellers everywhere. Broadsword has offices in Waterford, MI and can be reached at


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Name: Jeff Dalton
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Organization: Broadsword Solutions
Address: Dorothy Lane, Waterford Twp, MI 48329, United States
Phone: +1-248-341-3367

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